Construction Standards


Generally, the NHBC Buildmark scheme offers cover to the purchasers during the construction process and for two years after, should the builder become insolvent or cease trading. It also offers additional cover of up £1000000 for defects (but not wear - tear, shrinkage, drying etc) during years 3 to 10. At Nedging we also used NHBC to carry out the Building Control work, which provides additional cover in years 3 to 10. Potential purchasers

SAP Rating

One of the key issues within the ever-demanding building regulations is the energy efficiency of new homes. In order to regulate and index the energy efficiencies of new homes there is The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP). SAP ratings are given to every new home which is built. SAP ratings are based on an estimate of the annual costs per square metre, of each new home, to heat it and produce hot water. This means the better the insulation the higher the SAP rating will be.

The SAP ratings are indexed from 1 - 120. It is expected that most new homes will achieve between 75 - 100, with the National average for older homes being 44. This is a major benefit when buying a new home as they take less energy to heat, giving you lower running costs in your new home. Not to mention, resulting in less emissions and therefore being extremely beneficial to our atmosphere.

You have the assurance that every new Redbourne Home is built using the traditional method of build. Through the relationships we build with our contractors we can offer peace of mind that every aspect of your home will be built by skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work. This is reflected in the overall build and finish of our homes, which are second to none.